“Now more than ever, responsible leadership is needed in Tallahassee.” — Dolores



Dolores is dedicated to collaborating with her colleagues in Tallahassee to ensure all families, regardless of income, have access to quality healthcare.

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Dolores will work on behalf of every child by alleviating the financial pressure on college students and providing more vocational school opportunities.

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Dolores believes everyone deserves to have a safe place to sleep at night, and she will fight tirelessly to ensure that they do.

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Dolores sees great opportunity for the Sunshine State to slow the progression of climate change and protect the environment.

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Meet Dolores

Dolores Guzman is fueled by deep compassion for her fellow residents of District 27. She knows that healthcare, education, housing, and environmental protection are critical to improving everyone’s quality of life. Her professional experience and personal background make her uniquely able to help make those dreams a reality.

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